Awkward Moments in Christianity

If it wasn’t for Christianity, I might not have ever been interested in writing any articles like these. Christianity has provided me with a stepping stone toward spirituality. I can’t thank this religion enough, for providing me with the information that I needed, in order to make my first step on this long stairway to enlightenment.

I was a Christian, as a child and there were a couple of things that impacted my life and pushed me away from Christianity. I don’t really need to go into detail here, but I will tell you this, Christianity has done wonderful things for the world, and will probably continue to do great things, until it is no longer necessary for our society.

Let’s face it, the first book that was ever printed on the printing press was the Holy Bible. Hard to imagine, but this book has been very important to so many people, for so many centuries. Do you think that there will ever come a time, when some Christians, or maybe even all of the Christians, realized that Christianity was could be a religion that was created by men?

I don’t have any facts to support this conclusion, but I would like to point something out here that was very important about my decision to pull away from Christianity and start to seek a more spiritual life. A life towards understanding, instead of following.

Christianity lacks evidence to support their beliefs. No one really knows, whether or not Jesus actually performed any miracles. There is very little evidence to support the Bible’s claim of almost anything that is written in it, about the life of Jesus.

Christianity has provided me with an easy out. Christian scholars and researchers, seem to lack important evidence to support their claims. This is what pushed me out of Christianity. I would suggest that you do some research on early Christianity, if you’re really interested in finding the truth.

Awkward Christian Sayings

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